What makes a great cup of coffee?

W1278021-bigthumbnaile look for smoothness and complexity, with no off-flavors. The beans should be neither under-roasted nor charred, and the brew should have at least moderate aroma and flavor.

The tastes of coffee drinkers have become more discriminating in recent years and coffee drinkers are demanding more flavor from the cup. Here are some things to remember when buying your beans.

Consider how you take it. Excellent and very good coffees taste fine black. Milk and1270364-bigthumbnail sugar can improve a mediocre coffee, but not even cream is likely to help the lowest-scoring coffees.

Choose a good coffeemaker. The best coffeemakers reach 195 degree to 205 degrees F during brewing, the temperatures required to get the best from the beans and avoid a weak or bitter brew.

Consider grinding for fresher flavor. Even the best pre-ground coffee can’t beat a good quality fresh ground when it comes to taste.

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