If you are interested in il caffe.US Here’s is your chance!

The franchise information on our website represents only a brief overview of the il caffe.US franchise program.

If you meet our required qualifications, we would be happy to discuss your particular project, situation and degree of interest.

Development fees are payable upon signing of the contract Agreement, with Franchise fee(s) payable forty-five days prior to the opening of each mobile coffee shop. In addition, the Franchise Partner is responsible for the travel and per diem expenses of the initial training team during each new mobile unit.

Required Qualifications

We require you or one of your principals to have a background in coffee business.

Although il caffe.US does do single unit agreements, the current focus is in multi-unit development (1 – 5 units).

Franchise Agreement. Each mobile unit has its own separate Franchise Agreement. Each agreement provides a 7-year right to operate as a il caffe.US, and contains all terms and conditions pertaining to the operation of mobile coffee shop.


Il caffe.US franchisees own and operate their own mobile units, offering excellent quality products in a fun and casual atmosphere.

More importantly, our franchisees are entitled to superior support systems.

Il caffe.US is committed to support each mobile unit through every stage of development and operations, including recruitment, training, marketing and on-going operations.

Operations Support
The Director of Franchise Operations (DFO) is responsible for assisting in all aspects of operations. After the initial development stage, the DFO is the key source of support. Once the mobile coffee shop is operating, the DFO is able to provide assistance by disseminating information drawn from personal experiences, the franchise community and corporate staff.

Site Selection and Design
Site selection is based on individual characteristics of each market. We assist the franchisee by providing a il Site Evaluation Package. This document contains standard site and demographic requirements that will assist in evaluating a proposed location. We also provide a Site Submittal Package that is used to provide site information to the franchisor for review and assessment.

Research & Development
The R&D Department plays a key role in the overall excellence of the il caffe.US experience. Our test creates new menu offerings, as well as improves existing recipes. We strive to create the perfect blend of menu offerings.

The Purchasing Department negotiates service and price agreements with approved suppliers and distributors. This allows you to take advantage of pricing, as we enjoy the purchasing power of a larger organization.

il caffe.US delivers a comprehensive training program, the essentials of coffee shops operations, crew management, financial management, marketing and a broad range of other vital subjects are taught. When our mobile coffee shop is ready to operate, il caffe.US organizes a team of experienced operations personnel to assist in training, organization, inventory planning and control.  This assistance assures a smooth and efficient opening.

Advertising and Marketing
Beginning with the grand opening of the mobile coffee shop, il caffe.US. Marketing Department will provide assistance with an established set of guidelines for advertising and implementation of marketing activities and promotions.


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